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I just watched the new MLP episode "The Perfect Pear", and I just have to say... MLP FiM season 7 is BEST season and "The Perfect Pear" is the best episode of the season, period! If not, the best in the whole show. We finally learn about the Apple Trio's (I just came up with that name, what do you think?) parents, and OMG it is one of the best love stories I've seen in cartoons. I got like Romeo and Juliet vibe from watching it, and despite that I loved it! It was very heart warming & a total recommend.
If Laura/X-23 (preferably from the movie) was a pegasister, what would be her favorite pony? What first comes to mind for me is Rarity, but would like to hear a seconded opinion.
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just comment below... please.
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These are characters I want as Marvel Legends, officially made or as customs.

5. Gwenpool (she might get a figure eventually)

4. Deadpool (Ultimate Universe)

3. Ghost (Iron Man Armored Adventures)

2. X-23 (not in her Wolverine costume; and if we do, give her a unmasked head too)

1. Stan Lee (why not, I also heard a rumor that he's going to be a build a figure)
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I just played a game at my first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, and frankly... I have more fun at the dentist. I was kinda fun, even though I lost the 2 games I've played (my original entente was just play 1 game); I think the problem my deck was the fact it's a little too old school. Most of the people there had more newer and more complex cards, & these that STUPID banned list. Anyway, not a great first time; I'll still play Yu-Gi-Oh, just not in tournaments, too many rules & I just wanna play for fun.
These are my own opinion,  if you disagree, that's fine.

EQG Legend of Everfree
This film had much potential; it had a good story, good songs, and a good villain. However, said villain was defeated in the shortest amount of time in the G4 MLP and was extremely anticlimactic. Also, what killed this movie for me was the introduction of the WORST MLP character in MLP, Timber Spruce. This character was so redundant, why would HASBRO introduce a new love interest for Twilight, when they were hinting towards FlashLight relationship in the last film; plus this TimberLight romantic sub plot was the worst I’ve seen in film and/or TV. Also Timber has a dull design and a clichés personality (I can’t name another character off the top of my head, but I do recall seeing a character or 2 like Timber, except he is the worst of them all). It's a shame that just one character can ruin what could've been a good film. It's still a good film, but it just could've been better.

The Last Airbender:
Avatar The Last Airbender was one of my favorite TV shows, and I was excited when I first saw the trailer for the live action movie. After watching it (but not finishing it), I was left disappointed. The special effects were terrible and the concept of cramming multiple stories into one movie, was just a horrible idea. Not the best film, but more entertaining than the top 3.

Piranha 2010 reboot:
This is the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. Not because of the bad CGI, it was so HORRIFYING. I like horror movies and all, but this one was the one that keep me awake at night. It was a good movie, but it was just so scary I couldn't finish it.

March of the Penguins
This film was extremely over hyped during its release. Going in, I was hoping for a fun Penguin movie, but instead I got a boring documentary. I also had the misfortune to see this film twice… I guess it was still decent at best for a documentary, I did learn some stuff from it.

2001 A Space Odyssey:
This is the film that inspired this whole list…
This film was just so long and boring, I CAN’T BELIEVE how much this film has inspired pop culture and believe it or not, the parodies have done better! This film has an extreme lack of dialogue and music, pointless long scene transmissions (for lack of a better term), lack of focus on a main character, and the ending was EXTREMELY vague unless someone explains to you. The spaceship scenes did remind me of “Star Wars,” except less cool. One may say “it's just an old film, so it's not as good as modern movies,” except I’ve seen films older than this one, AND THEY WERE BETTER THAN THIS!!! Such fine examples of classic cinema in my opinion include “Godzilla King of the Monsters”, “Creature of the Black Lagoon”, and last but not least, “Casablanca”. I don’t care how popular this film is or how much inspired pop culture, this is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.
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just comment below please :) :blahblah: revamp 
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WOW... I'm so hyped :), can't wait to see it; just a few more months :). This was a better teaser trailer than the My Little Pony The MOVIE teaser, so the film has to be GOOD :D! My only complaint about the trailer is that Kylo Ren doesn't have his helmet anymore, but who cares about that, the trailer was too awesome. Also before this trailer was out, I found out Mark Hamill played the Trickster on The Flash. So I thought it would take me awhile to process Luck sounding to much like the Trickster in this film, but NO. I got no hint of the Trickster in his voice (a little odd, honestly), that works for me :). Overall, exciting trailer, should be a great movie.

By :iconsonicgirlfriend65:

Go watch :iconlittleyellowkitsune:!!!

She's a good friend of mine on DA & she's an awesome artist & she deserves more watchers :). Also, she's almost at 150 watchers, so go help her out! :D
As the title says, I finally posted a video on YouTube again, last time I did so was 7 months ago. My 2 custom figure videos are taking longer than expected due to busyness, laziness, & lack of motivation. So, I decided to post something simple, like my Yu-Gi-Oh! collection. Why not?

If you like, please subscribe.

I do NOT recommend the YouTube video editor, the process of making a video with it is rather limited.
Just comment below... :) (Smile) 
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I was on YouTube & I discovered this video, & OMG! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! :D Love I think I've fainted. 

If you're feeling down, watch this :).

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I'm going to make this review brief, so I can go to bed.

This film was really good, my favorite X-Men movie; not including the Deadpool film because he's not technically an X-man. The action and the drama were excellent, characters were great, & X-23 was awesome. Lots of parts I did not see coming were a fun surprise and the ending will get you in the feels. Also, the Deadpool 2 teaser at the beginning was hilarious (I knew he would appear like that, but expected that to be after the end credits) & Deadpool manages to break 4th wall without even trying, classic. Any who, this film was great & despite being a superhero movie, it didn't really feel like one; which makes it unique. If you don't mind some blood & gore, I highly recommend this film.
I've watch the 107 facts about the Iron Giant & now I want to make a custom of said giant. I won't be making one in scale with my 3.75 inch figures, because that would mean making a figure exactly my size (great concept for a cosplay, but not a toy). The reason I'm making this journal because I need some suggestions on what to use for a base toy, preferably within 6 - 12 inches. So if anyone has ANY suggestions, please comment them.
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Stop bullying
For all my fellow artist who are forced to use their creative talents & cannot come up with any inspiration, read this:…
Does anyone know where I can sell and/or trade Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?

I have a lot of cards in my collection, but many of them I'm willing to part with and/or trade for something better. I already have 2 places in mind, but the 1st location doesn't have as many cards as it used too (so options are limited); & the 2nd location, that I've only been to once, I think the card I bought there was a fake (& a expensive one at that). I also thought about taking the cards I don't want to Comic Con to trade or something; however, I never seen Yu-Gi-Oh merch there & I'm not sure if I'm going to Comic Con this year.

So if you have any suggestions, please comment.
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